The Deck Board 

How to play the Game

Aim of the game: Take down the opponent king or when the opponent runs out of playable cards.

Each player will be given a deck of 11 cards at the start of the gameplay. Out of the deck, only 5 cards(King and 4 other) are allowed to be placed on the board.


Player will have to place the King at their end of the Board and draw 3 cards to place onto the board for the game to commence. Player will have the choice to mold the card from a reshuffled deck before the game starts.

When the life of the card is up , it is deemed as an ineffective card and the player will have to replace it with the cards on hand.


Each Player will have the following card.

- 1 King(Fotress Card)
-2 Queen(Healing Card)
-2 Knight/Vampire(Defend Card)
-2Archer/Witch(Long range attack Card)
-4 soldier/Zombie (Soldier/Zombie)

Demon Card Front View.

Character Model


Here are the Character Model used inside the Game .


The Main Menu page .
Where player can easily select the other page by clicking on the button .

In- Game interface.


In - Game interface also show user the character HP in the game .